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When it comes to online gambling, payment methods are crucial. Nowadays, it is possible to access different online casinos from the comfort of our homes using many devices. With that in mind, players often prioritise the site’s design, game selections, bonuses and the ease of making deposits and withdrawals when selecting a platform. Payment options are essential for many users because they represent the business aspect of online gambling.

Therefore, to ensure a top-notch gaming experience, it is vital to research the site’s reputation and ask relevant questions, like what payment options are available. How long does it take to process deposits and withdrawals? Are there transaction fees? Can I fund my account from my mobile phone? Does the casino support cryptocurrency? What are the transaction limits? Answering these questions will go a long way in determining whether the site is suitable. 

While bank transfers are commonly accepted, some New Zealanders prefer faster and more discreet payment options. Credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies, and prepaid vouchers offer these benefits, hence their popularity.

My name is Erik King, and I will walk you through various banking options supported by top online casinos in New Zealand.

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Common Online Casino Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Almost every New Zealander has a credit card like American Express, Visa or Mastercard. Indeed, this explains why it is one of the most popular payment methods in any Kiwi online casino. Credit cards allow users to make payments and purchases up to a pre-set limit. 

Prezzy Card Online Casino NZ

Credit cards are very secure and easy to use. When used for online casino deposits, transaction times are short. The user enters the card number and the three-digit security code (CVV) at the back of the card. In most cases, customers are not required to enter details each time, especially when depositing at the same online casino with the same device.

However, not all online casinos support credit cards for withdrawals. Even when that happens, withdrawal times are often longer than most other payment options.

Visa and Visa Electron

VISA Online Casino New Zealand

Visa and Visa Electron are popular card options in most Kiwi online casinos. Although the same company, Visa Inc., issues both cards, they vary slightly in their modes of operation.

Visa is a global payment network offering credit, debit and prepaid cards. Irrespective of the card type, it allows users to make instant payments. For credit cards, users can access funds within their credit limits. On the other hand, prepaid and debit cards let you make transactions based on the available funds in the linked accounts.

Like the latter, Visa Electron requires the user to have sufficient funds in the linked accounts when making the payment. The authorisation process takes place in real time, and the user is expected to have adequate funds to cover the intended amount when initiating the transaction. Otherwise, the transaction will not be processed.

Whether Visa or Visa Electron, the processing time for deposits is almost instant, and the transaction fees vary from one casino to the other. However, withdrawals can take up to 72 hours, which could be an issue for some players.


Mastercard Online Casino NZ

Mastercard is another trusted and popular banking option for many New Zealanders. The company started in 1966 as the Interbank Card Association to compete against the present-day Visa, then known as BankAmerica. Over the years, Mastercard has become a leading payment option with unrivalled acceptance in more than 210 countries.

Across different platforms, Mastercard works in the same way. The user has to select it as a preferred option and enter the required cardholder information like name, expiration date, card number and CVV code. The authorisation process includes many secure and prompt confirmations from the bank or the issuing financial institution. The cardholder may be required to provide a unique pin or use an OTP to complete the authorisation.

The process is seamless and fast, especially for deposits, as long as sufficient funds are in the card account. On the other hand, withdrawals take longer, usually within 24 to 72 hours. Customers may be charged for some transactions depending on their nature. The amount varies for deposits and withdrawals across different online casinos. I have some excellent news for you if you fancy casino bonuses and promotions. Mastercard is always an accepted payment for unlocking these offers at Kiwi online casinos.


Maestro is a subsidiary of Mastercard. It is a multinational debit card and payment service provider established by a collaboration between Europay and MasterCard in 1992. The link with Mastercard is arguably one of the major driving forces for its increasing global acceptance as one of the leading card payment options across different platforms.

A significant difference between Maestro and Mastercard extends beyond the colour of the interconnected circles typical of the Mastercard brand. Maestro is only available as a debit card and works similarly to the parent Mastercard. It also has cost control features like spending limits and real-time transaction alerts allowing customers to exercise complete control.

Deposits are almost instant, especially when used at designated Point of Sales (POS) terminals supporting contactless payments. For online casinos, the process is very straightforward. Once the cardholder details are provided, and relevant security verification is completed, the price is approved in minutes. However, it is not a popular withdrawal option, particularly at online casinos, unless the card is tied to a parent bank. In such cases, the user can withdraw using an ATM. This could attract additional costs, though.

Bank Transfer

Instant Bank Transfer Casino NZ

Also referred to as bank wire or wire transfer, it is one of the oldest payment methods in many online casinos. Bank transfer involves moving funds from one bank account to another using simple account details. In the case of online casinos, the player is expected to obtain the casino bank account number from the cashier section. They should enter it while filling out the transfer form at the originating bank before making the payment.

Bank transfers are almost always available in any casino. However, not known for its speed, this method is gradually replaced by faster, more straightforward payment options. Usually, deposits take a few hours compared to other options that are almost instant. Withdrawals, however, could take 3 to 5 days depending on the bank, transaction amount or other factors like holidays.

However, it is entirely safe, and customers often enjoy additional protection from their banks for transactions. Today, bank transfer is being replaced by a much faster alternative called instant bank transfer. Although the process is the same, instant bank transfers occur in real time, and funds are sent either way in minutes. The most popular instant banking options available to New Zealanders include POLi, TransferWise, and iDEAL.


Arguably among the most sought-after payment methods in any online casino, e-wallets are often associated with convenience, speed, and security. Speed is the main reason why many Kiwi players prefer to use e-wallets. The transaction time for deposits is instant, while withdrawals take only a few hours. 

PayPal Online Casino NZ

There are different types of electronic wallets. The most popular ones include Payz, Zimpler, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, MiFinity and Trustly. The mode of operation is the same, serving as an intermediary between the online casino and the corresponding bank. 

The first step in setting up an e-wallet account is registering with your preferred option, like Neteller or PayPal. Once it is ready, the user is expected to link the wallet to their bank account or credit card. From there, funds can be added directly to the e-wallet or from other third-party account holders using the same e-wallet. That is, transferring funds from one PayPal account to another is possible. 

Neteller Online Casino NZ

Once a player is ready to top up their online casino account, the first step is to select the preferred e-wallet in the cashier section. Then, they should enter the amount and follow the steps to authorise the transaction. Once complete, the funds will be added to their account immediately. 

Generally, most online casinos do not include electronic wallets as a payment option for activating the welcome bonus. Skrill and Neteller are often exempted, making it a downside for players who prefer these options and still want to claim welcome offers on such platforms. Otherwise, e-wallets, as I’ve already mentioned, are fast and straightforward, and the transaction fees are moderate. Usually, they vary depending on the amount and specific conditions of the casino.

Prepaid Cards

One of the many benefits of using prepaid cards, especially online gambling, is allowing players to manage their expenses. These cards are primarily vouchers that can be purchased from any local store. It is usually pre-funded with a specific amount and has no link to a bank account. The most popular prepaid cards or vouchers include NeoSurf, Paysafecard, Payz and Vanilla Prepaid Card. 

Neosurf Online Casinos NZ

After purchasing the card, you will find a pin, sometimes up to 16 digits, which is the case with Paysafecard. To top up your casino account, scratch the protective cover and enter the pin to deposit the stipulated amount. Prepaid cards also offer the benefit of anonymity, security and speed. Because it is a voucher, users are not expected to reveal personal information. Likewise, it is safe and straightforward to use.

Some prepaid cards like NeoSurf rely on the receiving platform to verify customer identity. However, others, like Paysafecard, integrate age verification and purchase restrictions, especially when making payments on gambling sites. Overall, they only support deposits, meaning you cannot withdraw using prepaid cards.


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionised online transactions. Particularly in the gambling industry, it offers a new perspective that cuts across security, anonymity, speed, and convenience. Although not many online casinos currently support crypto, it is a highly sought-after payment option for many NZ players. It provides a platform for borderless transactions without currency conversion and third-party interference from banks or financial institutions.

Crypto Online Casinos and Bonus

The most popular digital currencies in New Zealand are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT and Bitcoin Cash. The first step to using a crypto online casino is to create a digital crypto wallet on platforms like Binance, Kiwi-coin and Easy Crypto. Once the account is verified, funds can be added directly from the bank or third-party exchangers.

To use cryptocurrency at a casino, first, choose one that accepts it. Then, obtain the casino’s wallet address and transfer funds from your crypto wallet. This method is fast and has a lower transaction fee than other options. Due to its growing popularity, many online casinos offer unique bonuses for using cryptocurrency. However, be aware that the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate greatly, which may affect your balance.

Other Payment Methods

Besides these popular payment methods we have discussed, a few others can be used at New Zealand online casinos. Payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay provide a seamless, fast, secure and contactless means of payment. 

Apple Pay Casino New Zealand

Both options work similarly. However, Apple Pay is only available to Apple devices, and Google Pay is for Android users. These options allow users to fund their accounts with a simple click. Depending on the user’s preference, the verification process could be completed with the device passcode, Face ID or Touch ID.

Klarna is another popular payment option because of its unique “Buy Now, Pay Later” approach. It comes in handy when there is a pressing need to pay when you do not have the funds available. It can also fund online casino accounts, making it convenient and flexible. Users can return the payment later in whole or in instalments.

Google Pay Casinos New Zealand

Some online casinos also support Pay by SMS which may be less popular. The user initiates the payment by dialling a specific code or sending an SMS that varies for operators. This is followed by a set of instructions and a unique code for authorisation. Usually, there is a transaction fee for each payment. It is suitable for small transactions, relatively fast, and secure.

How to Make a Deposit in an Online Casino

There are many ways to fund your account in an online casino. Depending on the payment method you choose, there may be some slight variations in the requirements. However, the steps are mostly the same as will be discussed below:

Step 1: Choose a reputable online casino

The platform you choose will determine the type of payment options, the level of protection and many other factors that can affect your entire experience. Ensure that the site has a valid license from a reputable authority. Also, research the site for its overall reputation. Find out what other users and expert reviewers say about the site’s overall quality.

Step 2: Create an Account

Once you are satisfied with a site’s reputation, the next step is to create an account. The registration steps are usually in stages. The requirements for the first one include a valid email address and a strong password. For the second stage, the user is expected to provide personal information like country of residence, residential address, postcode, date of birth, gender, phone number and others as stated. 

The final stage is more of a verification process. Most online casinos send a link to the email address provided during registration. Click on the link to complete the verification process to access the site’s features.

Step 3: Log into Your Account

To gain full access to the site, log in using your email/username and password. Some online casinos also provide additional security using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). A code will be sent to your email or phone number to complete the login requirements. Once the details are correctly entered, you will be granted access.

Step 4: Visit the Cashier Section

For most online casinos, you can play some games in the demo version without making any real deposit. However, you must visit the cashier section to top up your account to play for real money. You will find relevant information about making deposits and withdrawals, including the available payment options, limits, fees and processing time.

Step 5: Choose a Payment Method

Paysafecard Online Casino NZ

In the cashier section, there are usually multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets (like Trustly, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill), prepaid cards (like Neosurf, Paysafecard and Payz), and cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum). Pick the one you want to use by clicking its icon/logo.

Step 6: Follow the Steps to Enter the Relevant Data

Once you have selected a payment option, follow the steps to enter the relevant data. If you choose Mastercard, for instance, enter the amount and provide the card details like the 16-digit card number, expiration date, cardholder’s name, security number at the back of the card (CVV), and pin. Sometimes, you might be prompted to enter the OTP pin generated for additional security. 

Meanwhile, for other payment options, the process is similar. All you need to do is enter the relevant information as required.

Step 7: Review the Details and Confirm the Payment

Before submitting the payment for approval, confirm the details. Also, check the amount to see if it is what you intend to deposit. Click on the Deposit or Submit button to complete the process.

Step 8: Start Playing your Favourite Games

Irrespective of the payment method you choose, deposits are usually instant. The payment will automatically reflect in your casino account within a few minutes. You can refresh your browser for confirmation. Then, go to the casino lobby to start playing your favourite games.

Online Casino Payment Methods


Skrill Online Casino NZ

When choosing an online casino, payment methods are crucial features to consider. It is necessary to do a background check on the available options, processing times, transaction fees and bonus restrictions. Cryptocurrency, e-wallets, credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, and bank transfers are the most common options. However, not all of them may be available on one platform.

From my experience, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and cryptocurrencies are the fastest options. However, some casinos restrict some methods from bonus deals. For instance, Skrill and Neteller can be excluded from promotions. So, before selecting an online platform, research the payment options and the site’s overall reputation.


What are the best payment methods at New Zealand online casinos?  

Every payment method has its unique benefits. In selecting any payment option, there are factors to consider like ease of usage, security, speed and others. The most popular options include Skrill, MasterCard, Neteller, Bank transfer, Paysafecard and Cryptocurrency.

Which payment methods are the fastest?

Generally, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Trustly, and Neteller are considered the fastest payment options at online casinos, alongside cryptocurrencies. These options are optimised to process payments without any delays. Vouchers like Neosurf and Paysafecard and credit cards like Mastercard and Visa are excellent alternatives in terms of speed.

How do I add funds to my casino account?

To make a deposit, visit the cashier section on the platform and select your preferred banking option. Fill in the details as required and enter the amount you want to deposit. Review the details and submit them for processing. The funds will be added automatically.

Are there limits on deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, every online casino has its limits for deposits and withdrawals. Even more, there are limits based on the payment method. For instance, prepaid vouchers like Neosurf and Paysafecard have lower limits than crypto and credit cards.

Can I receive a casino bonus with every payment method?

No, every online casino has its rules regarding bonuses and promotions. Some platforms have restrictions regarding payment options that can be used to unlock bonuses. For instance, Skrill and Neteller are often excluded. Likewise, some casinos offer dedicated deals for specific payment options, like crypto bonuses.

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